Off White End Tables - Oak Dinning Table - Round Pedestal Table Leaf.

Off White End Tables

off white end tables

    end tables
  • are small tables typically placed beside couches or armchairs. Often lamps will be placed on an end table.

  • Usually bought in pairs, they accent the style of the coffee table or other furniture. Usually placed at the end of the sofa, it is a very important piece of a living room set.

    off white
  • A white color with a gray or yellowish tinge

  • bone: a shade of white the color of bleached bones

  • whitish: of something having a color tending toward white

  • Off White is a 1979 no wave album by James White, also known as James Chance.

Metronome: Classically Trained

Metronome: Classically Trained

The second metronome image.

Strobist and exposure info:

Metronome was placed on a foam insulation sheet, about 1.5" thick, which I often use as V-card material. This was on the dining room table. Propped up on a chair, off the back end of the table was another sheet of this, to act as a backdrop. The stuff is white and very glossy, and light and rigid too.

An SB-20 was attached to a tabletop tripod, and placed on the cushion of the chair (below table level). There was a gap of about a foot between the horizontal sheet and the upright background sheet. The flash fired up onto the background.

An SB-28 was placed directly behind the camera, and fired up at the ceiling, so that I could get a little fill on the front of the metronome. I wanted to be able to see a little wood grain, not a complete silhouette.

Ambient was low enough not to be an issue. I opened the shutter, fired the remote strobes manually, then closed again.

I used a flash meter to set things up, then chimped it with my dSLR to see how it was going to look.

300mm homemade lens, f/11 construction paper 'stop' in front, with a packard shutter. I think I did a little tilt to keep the plane of focus in line with the angled front of the metronome, but I'm not sure. In any event, the top is nicely fuzzy. This might be lens aberration rather than focus, but I like it.

Ilford Delta 100, shot at 100, developed in HC-110. Toyo-View C 4x5 monorail camera.

Death Star Duplicity

Death Star Duplicity

Stormtrooper Bruce returns from Mos Eisley hoping he's fooled everyone into believing he's been in bed sick with the flue the last few days. When in reality STB sneaked off to go see the new Star Trek movie.
But with the discovery of a Get Well card & gift, from Darth Vader himself, sitting on his end table, STB can't help but wonder if he's been found out?

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off white end tables

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